Atelier Téqui Architectes

We spent a day at Atelier Téqui, located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.
Here are a few pictures of Louis Téqui and his team.

Place Pouchet for Hardel Le Bihan

Here are a few images from the series commissioned by Hardel Le Bihan Architects.
The hotel residence of 148 rooms is located Place Pouchet in Paris 17th.


Boarding school, Dammartin-en-Goële

This pixel building is actually a boarding school in the middle of the fields!
The building was completed last September and we did a series of pictures for Lankry Architectes.

141 Haussmann for CALQ, Paris 8ème

In November we documented the rehabilitation of the office building 141 Haussmann for CALQ.
Here are a few pictures from the project.

Boulevard Davout for Naud et Poux Architects

We photographed the social housing building on Boulevard Davout for Naud et Poux Architects.
Congratulations on the nomination of the project at the Équerre d'Argent 2017!

Auction Charity Benefit of Architectes Foundation of Emergency in Pavilion of Arsenal in Paris

The Auction Charity Benefit of Architectes Foundation of Emergency will take place at the Pavilion of Arsenal in Paris on Thursday 23rd of November at 7pm.

This year, we will participate with an image from the exhibition Terres de Paris. 

auctions catalogue

more infos

Ecotron for Atelier Téqui, Saint-Pierre-lès-Nemours

Last month, we shot the CNRS research center Ecotron for Atelier Téqui architectes.

Bauwelt 21.2017

This week in the Bauwelt magazine 21.2017, our series about the Futurium in Berlin, for Richter Musikowski Architects.

Futurium, Richter Musikowski Architects, Berlin

In the last months, we spent several days documenting the new project by architects Richter Musikowski.
Here are the first pictures of the Futurium, a new Berlin museum that will open in 2019.

more pictures

Maison Marly in Àvivre #98

Our series about the passive house Maison Marly for Karawitz Architecture is in the "À vivre" magazine issue #98.

Habitat 67, Montreal

This is a little souvenir from our trip to Montreal.
Habitat 67 is a housing complex designed by Moshe Safdie. The building was built in the 1960s as part of Expo 67.

Family and Friends exhibition

We will show some pictures from our series "Monsieur Chevrolet" at the "Family and Friends" exhibition at Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin.
The opening is next Wednesday 24.05 at 7 pm, come around !

Berlin for Libération

So...we were at the Berlin Zoo for Libération.
For the 22nd / 23rd of April 2017 edition, we followed the U2 metro line from Gendarmenmarkt to Charlottenburg Palace.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Last month, we travelled to Dubai for some personal project. Here are a bunch of pictures taken during our journey.

Amsterdam 55, Naud et Poux Architectes

We shot a series of images of the restructuration of the office building located on rue d'Amsterdam in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, first built in 1929.
Here you can see a few pictures of the project.